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Anastasia was raised in between the U.S and Germany and has travelled extensively throughout her life, with the camera always at her side.

Torn between her two passions of taking pictures and understanding the biology of animals, she decided to study Behavioural Biology at the University of St.Andrews in Scotland.

After a 5 month trip around the world, Anastasia wanted to take her passion for photography on a more professional level and studied at the Spéos Institute of Photography in Paris, where she took classes in photojournalism, computer imaging and studio photography.

Since then, Anastasia has tried to capture moments of beauty wherever she goes. Her photography spans from landscapes in Mexico to capturing the cultures of Burma and the underwater world in South Africa.

Anastasia completed her Masters in Science Journalism at City University in 2013 and is currently working as Freelance Researcher and Creative Producer for ITN in London.


She is  working on a long-term photography collaboration together with Carolina Pimenta , called the  [gone] project, which captures a unique perspective of seemingly known grounds.

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